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  • subhash naik
    Apr 3, 2005
      When we meditate,the central power we have remains in force.It disperses the
      owerwhelming clouds which are greatly fried up by its force,only can abhyasi can fell
      it.Thias can only be known practically.You will soon find yourself swimming in
      everlasting peace and hapiness.Everything ends here.There is no attachment with
      the world.The mind is disciplined. It is automatically regulated Senses begain to
      come under control,and you gain mastery over them.To master yourself means to
      master Nature.When the passage becomes clear you feel the Natue's work within
      your bounds and limits,rather you begain to work yourself.
      (From the Efficacy of Raja Yoga by RAMCANDRA)
      For the further information yuo please cantact web sight www.srcm.org
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