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13767Terri Schiavo & meditation

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  • Tony Osime
    Apr 1, 2005
      Hello everyone,

      A big welcome to Christy Putnam - I hope you find this site one of your
      more interesting paths in your life journey.

      This is to everyone in the group:
      Did the death of Terri Schiavo have an impact on you that relates in
      some way to meditation?

      I ask this question because from time to time I have thought about the
      affair and the various questions that arose.
      I wonder if people meditated on the subject or if it brought some
      insights that relate to meditation.

      When I discussed it with a doctor friend he remarked how long a body can
      function if it does not have thoughts to disturb its natural mechanisms.
      Could it be that meditation extends our lives?

      With so many people in the world thinking about her, I wonder if this
      has some influence on her - or on us?

      Please let me have your thoughts...