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1375Mind chatter - Eve

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  • Tony
    Nov 15, 2002
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      Hi Eve,

      The sound you can hear comes up not only during meditation but at any time
      you become present enough to "listen" to yourself.

      I have found I have up to 5 or more different voices depending on the
      situation and my frame of mind. My typical voice is a logical, reasoning
      type of person - a bit like a college professor I think! I sometimes have
      the voice of child-like astonishment. A very long time ago (over 25 years) I
      was very surprised to hear a dark, mysterious, frightening voice telling me
      to stop playing mind games and go to sleep.

      As you get to know your different voices you get a better picture of your
      frame of mind at the time. The next stage might involve switching voices
      when you need a different way of looking at a situation. A further stage
      still might be inventing a new voice to achieve a desired effect. But maybe
      that is going too far in the wrong direction. Keeping it simple might be a
      better approach. If it happens we notice a change in voice at any time we
      can simply take that into account.

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