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  • medit8ionsociety
    Mar 18, 2005
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Tony Osime"
      <tony.osime@f...> wrote:
      > I am curious to know how meditation influences our perception of time.
      > I have noticed that when I meditate my sense of time seems to diminish.
      > Almost every time I meditate, I have spent more time than I thought I
      > had.
      > Also, more recently, I feel comfortable meditating for very long periods
      > of "real time". If I did not have something important to do, I feel
      > could meditate for hours and not feel the urge to end my session.
      > These experiences have helped me appreciate even more how subjective
      > time is. While a clock measures objective time, it does not measure our
      > feelings during that time. In the same period of time, two people doing
      > the same activity can have completely different subjective measures of
      > time.
      > Meditation can help us appreciate our day to day, moment to moment
      > perception of time.
      > Please could you share how meditation has influenced your perception of
      > time?
      > ...Tony

      Yo Tonyji,
      What meditation offers is a timeless present.
      There is only NOW and our senses, emotions,
      and thoughts are all taking place in past tense
      and can't present the present. As we meditate,
      we take the inner Witness view, and can partake
      of the everchanging dream that human bodies
      broadcast from a neverchanging everpresent
      and timeless presence of consciousness, and
      no longer are mandated to simply react in a
      rote habitual manner. And this is real freedom
      and as the newly freed St Martha would say,
      "It's a good thing!"
      I'd say more, but I don't have the time :-)
      Peace and blessings,
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