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13712Mediation Insights

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  • Tony Osime
    Mar 13, 2005
      For some months now my mediation had stayed at a superficial level. I
      noticed that I had more mind chatter, although it did not seem that much
      more than normal. The result however, was that I seldom went deeper than the
      first two levels. So today, I tried some subtle variations.

      I started by appreciating that rather than having "one" mind I have
      "several" minds working seamlessly to give the impression of one mind. The
      dominate mind was the one producing the mind chatter. What was happening
      recently was that it was maintaining a firmer grip over the other "minds".
      By not releasing control, I was not able to access the "higher" minds as I
      normally did during meditation.

      The question now was how to get the mind chatter "mind" to release control.
      Usually, simply reducing the physical sensations was sufficient to start the
      process (reducing the stimuli from my five senses). The second step was to
      listen for the most subtle inner sound. When I locked onto that sound, I
      would normally go deeper into meditation as the subtle sound grew louder.

      The insight I had today was that it was not so much the subtle sound that
      was important but the attitude of listening. It is paying deep attention
      anticipating something, without knowing what it would be. That "attitude"
      took me deeper into my meditation instantly. It was independent of there
      being a subtle inner sound.

      As I went into the deeper stages, I noticed the usual physical symptoms with
      their corresponding inner sounds. However the normal feelings of euphoria
      were not as strong. When I came out of the mediation, the room seemed
      brighter and sharper.

      I had a few other insights. One was that at deeper levels of mediation, the
      thought recording mechanism might have to be turned off - meaning that parts
      of the mediation may not be remembered at the end of the session. The logic
      of this was startling - imagine doing something and not remembering that you
      did it (anyone see the film "Memento"?).

      Look forward to your thoughts and comments.

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