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13711The Comfort of Silence

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Mar 13, 2005
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      The focus of virtually all
      meditation techniques begins
      with the breath and moves to
      methods of quieting the inner

      This silence, known by many
      beautiful terms, like "the
      diamond piont or noble silence"
      seems to allow us to come
      closer and listen more closely
      to our inner or heart wisdom.

      OK, basic stuff. Not offered
      for instruction, but rather
      as a preface to a few comments
      and personal experiences with
      the silence.

      Don James and I spend the better
      part of a year (maybe 2) exchanging
      lengthy emails and sometimes phone

      In December of last year, we met
      for about an hour. Then, after a
      couple of short exchanges, the
      emails stopped. The phones calls
      stopped. Yet, the silence
      is beautiful and comfortable.
      It feels as though we are more
      closely attuned by the silence.

      Reminds me of friends who are not
      seen for years, but at the first
      instant of meeting, the connection
      seems whole and complete, as if
      no time elapsed at all.
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