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13705Re: Why do I need to pay $2,500 to learn Meditation correctly?

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    Mar 9, 2005

      Dear People,

      how can _you_ DO meditation?
      can my mind order my brain -
      in the notorious stubborn German way:

      ''MEDITATE NOW!''

      Will my mind bow down to my mind's
      order and follow my mind's device:
      ''Yes Master-Mind, always your servant!''

      That means from my experience:
      either meditation happens by grace -
      otherwise mind forces body into some exercises!

      For $2,500, ok, can you expect better results?
      The ones, who have paid this money,
      will they not be convinced to get IT - worth the prize?

      Will these customers enjoy this compassionate elegy?
      Please it's parody - you'll get free of charge
      - except yur precious time to pay attention:


      GoodBye with love, hugs and blessings! 

      Everybody needs someone, someone to love. 
      Some love their pet, some love their car,
      some love their football-movie-music-star,
      but highest love of all is for my God,
      who else but my Guru represents God?
      Heaven on Earth, what a bliss to bow
      down to the feet of the Awakened Ones!
      Hallejuha, enlightened Kingdom has come!
      My Guru pays attention to my little life
      not worthy to breath same air with HIM!
      My Guru showers on my life tons of love 
      my Guru shares HIS blessed air with us!

      Yes, years are passing by more quickly,
      came alone in life, have to leave it alone,
      but meanwhile everybody needs someone,
      someone to love, what a drag: a real man 
      is as hard to find like a real woman
      next door and best friends have all
      misunderstood my love completly but:
      Hosiannah, Hallelujah, my Guru has
      mercy, ultimate love and acceptance,
      higly qualified to see through my masks
      lights up my white-light aura with bliss!

      M0RE: SEX, M0NEY & P0WER ! ! !

      With my Gurus touch all pain fades away,
      eternally filled with ecstasy trembling
      one inch below the navel me forcing down
      on my knees, tears in my eyes and the
      heart beats: Bum, Bum, my Guru inside,
      me in my Guru like Russian puppets 
      together connected to Eternity,
      Hallelujah, White Light Bliss!

      Help, handle over some napkins,
      just in these tears of happiness
      my pee is running down my legs
      in ultimate relaxation, Hallelujah,
      my Guru has come, come to meee!

      We all know, donations   are not part
      of our Western Culture and not yet
      known in E-Mail-Guru-Groups but,
      when you feel touched, share 
      thankfully your bytes.

      For blessings focussed on you personally
      your picture is absolutly necassary.
      Cheques are accepted as well. 

      When you join the n0by-list, your reward:
      Watch more than 200 Guru-ESO-Photos!

      Deutsch ist auch willkomm! AMEN














      Dear Eric,
      The best way to learn about meditation is not from books, CD's, or
      even from classes or personal instruction. It is by meditating. Our
      site has dozens of techniques that are $2500 cheaper (free) then the
      TM method. They teach mantra techniques and, in a way, sell you a
      word to say over and over. The mantra which has been well accepted
      for thousands of years and by millions of people as the "best" is OM.
      At this URL you will find an easy to follw "how-to" about OM:
      And if that doesn't suit you well, there are many many more on the
      site in the Archive and Meditation Concepts sections that should be
      more than you'll ever need to experience first hand what people,
      classes, books, etc., can only point to conceptually. And if you have
      any questions, this forum is available for clarification.
      I feel there is no better thing you can do for your Self than
      meditate. I wish you well.
      Peace and blessings,

      Celebrate Yahoo!'s 10th Birthday!
      Yahoo! Netrospective: 100 Moments of the Web
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