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13697Re: [Meditation Society of America] Why do I need to pay $2,500 to learn Meditation correctly?

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  • Bob Hart
    Mar 7, 2005
      I am having no luck finding a good place or person to teach me meditation. I am convinced that it is better to learn it from a teacher instead of from a book. Does everybody agree with this?There is one of these Transcendental Meditation centers here locally (Portland, OR).

      Eric Boulton <boulton@...> wrote:
      Hi Eric, I really do not think you need a teacher to learn Meditation.
      I've been meditating for many years self taught and then I took a class on meditation and I learned a little but nothing really new that I didn't already know. I would recommend that if you want a teacher get the Jack Kornfield cd ( Meditation for Beginners).
      Namaste Bob Hart
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