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13678Does anyone else FEEL this when meditating

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  • wisslewj
    Feb 25, 2005
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      OK...I figured out how to post!! :) (oh the little things make me
      happy :P )

      Whenever I meditate, with or without a CD, I experience a VERY WEIRD
      FEELING. The very first time it scared me and in that fear it quickly
      disappated. Since then I have learned to ride it out and it feels
      kewl and yet I dont know what it actually is. Ok, here is the

      After a point of relaxing and getting a centered feeling, I get this
      feeling of falling, or maybe vibrating...i am not really sure....if
      anyone has ever had any blood drawn and almost passed out, it kinda
      like that but without the negative nausious feeling. It is like I am
      falling or slipping from myself in my mind....if that makes any

      I have allowed the feeling to just happen and it is sorta like going
      down a high rollercoaster--that wierd pressure and feeling against
      your body. Anyway, at the end of the feeling...which last about 20-45
      seconds if I can manage not to "focus" on them, I am just normal and
      relaxed again.

      What is this? Since I am not leaping out my body or having any lucid
      dreams in meditation or even visuals, I am wondereing whats going on.
      It feels a whole heck of alot more powerful then just "getting