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13652Introvert v extrovert

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  • Tony Osime
    Feb 18, 2005
      Hi Jason,

      Thanks for your very wise words. I was particularly intrigued by your

      "...dissolve any hindrance to self by exposing the ways of the
      reflective other..."

      Would this refer to exposing the ways of "thought and thinking"? What I
      find so amazing is regarding my thinking mind is a hindrance to "Self".
      It is my thinking mind I am using to write this? Or, who is writing
      these words? If I suspended my thinking would my words be different?

      ...I wanted to try writing without my thinking mind but nothing happened
      - or did it?

      Mmmm...I have to "not" think about that!


      You wrote ---------------------------
      Introvert as a description isn't very helpful for meditation. If there
      were a majority of meditators that took a similar test they would most
      likely be described in the same manner.

      Meditation isn't a group activity and for the entirety of practice, the
      focus is self-situated, as-if there are those that are not self
      oriented, even in group activities.

      If we meditate to better relate to others or the world at large then it
      remains a self focus in reflection.To be a healthy self or learn of love
      or anger or any assorted trait, all are self
      oriented activities, which benifits are seen through
      the eyes of the other to formulate those traits
      for themselves.

      The encompassing qualifier for meditation can be said to
      dissolve any hindrance to self by exposing the ways of
      the reflective other, without introversed or extroverted
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