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  • dabrown1973
    Feb 12, 2005
      hi ya all first of all, im glad their is a website devoted to one of
      the most important things in life to me. i have experimented with a
      variety of meditation techniques, the ones i have focused on
      primarily is "feeling the body" and awareness of body.my first few
      months was devoted to feeling the breath enter and leave, and it was
      what got me hooked, but i found i couldnt do this while engaged in
      other activities, and since i beleive its important to meditate
      throughout the day, rather than just 20 minutes in the morning, i
      have since moved on. for some reason, when i feel the body throughout
      the day, i get a dull headache right where the "3rd eye" is located.
      anybody have any info on that? secondly,i love krishnamurtis
      teaching, as well as eckhart tolle, and have found both have been
      beneficial. there are areas where their teaching conflict, and i
      wondered if anybody with more clarity would want to respond on it.
      both have written about watching your thoughts, being aware of your
      reactions, however, tolle, as well as many others, states that when
      you watch a thought, you are aware of your thought being there, and
      here you are watching it(you are separate from your thought) but
      krishnamurti states that division is the problem, that you are your
      thoughts. anybody have any ideas, opinions on this?
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