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13630Quotes of Swami Sivananda on Spiritual Experiences

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Feb 11, 2005
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      Spiritual Experiences

      The entrance into the higher meditative life depends upon the grace of

      The higher meditative life demands tremendous humility, serenity and

      In higher meditative life the senses and the mind are completely
      subdued. There is no more use of the mind, emotions and imaginations.

      In higher meditation the Yogi withdraws himself completely and enters
      into the state of consciousness above the mind and intellect. He is
      conscious only of Pure Being.

      In Samadhi or the superconscious state the Yogi abandons the sense of
      his own being and enters into the Being of God.

      Spiritual experience will come to you when you are ready, but not before.

      There is inner unfolding from level to level in your spiritual
      experience. Wait patiently. Plod on in your Sadhana with purity and

      Like draws like on your spiritual journey. You are never really left
      alone. You will get help from Yogis and Saints internally, from
      different parts of the world. Their spiritual vibrations will elevate
      and inspire you.

      Meditate and enter into the realm of radiant light. There are no
      limitations; here there is no worry, there are no obstacles.

      There is no time or space. In that holy realm there is no fear, no
      doubt, no indecision. It is all eternal joy, bliss, peace and happiness.