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13617Re: What Dog Are You

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  • Nina
    Feb 2 7:26 AM
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      Is enquiry necessarily iterative?

      Polish lowland sheepdog? That was the result of the first round of
      enquiry. Just call me Harry.

      Chinese Crested? Here's the result of the second round of enquiry:
      "This affectionate little dog makes an exceedingly good pet for those
      who appreciate its loving natures and can see through its heart-
      stopping bizarre looks. It is frequently hyperactive, running in
      circles and jumping in the air. It adores food and its body feels
      hotter to the touch after a meal."

      So, seeking some sort of consensus on my canine nature,
      I gave it another go:
      "Portuguese Water Dog - a hyper intelligent and capable animal,
      blessed with many natural talents and a unique style to match. It is
      a superlative swimmer and fisher. However, it is somewhat
      apprehensive of strangers, probably oversensitive to its rather
      unorthodox fur coat (which can be long and wavy or thick and curly)."

      So much for consensus. The best shared theme I can find is that I
      have a thing about hair... its all or nothing, baby!

      Good one, Bob... I'm going to send this to every
      dog lover on my email list. You have spawned spam
      with your post - pat yourself on the back! Good dog! ;)


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      > This is certainly one of the most interesting
      > methods of self-enquiry I've seen in a long time.
      > Enjoy!
      > http://gone2thedogs.com/
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