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13609Osho lied. That was his profession.

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    Feb 1, 2005
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      please lies - truth hurts

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      Re: Osho lied.  That was his profession.
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      [quote author=ccalder1 link=board=LoO;num=1094931511;start=105#114 date=02/01/05 at 01:36:36]
      ....I oppose Osho and his teachings for basic ethical reasons and the fact that his teachings were mainly false and destructive, not constructive, to human evolution. .....
      Osho was corrupt and your saying you think his ideas of a new man, totally surrendered and enslaved by one arrogant guru is ridiculous.  There is no "enlightenment" in the sense that Osho tried to sell.  He was just a man with very poor judgment and he was driven by ambition, not compassion.  It is not compassionate to turn people into slaves, and that is what he did.  It is absolutely wrong to make people unquestioning, because there are no super heroes who can be trusted.  They are all just men and they all had faults, and Osho had enough loose screws to start a hardware store.  He loved Hitler and Patton admired the South American dictators.  And in the end, what did he get?  He got money, power, white women, and drugs.  How convenient that all the things he wanted and got, for OUR SPIRITUAL BENEFIT, was everything any third world dictator or drug lord wanted and got.  The mind is the same.  
      Osho wrapped his corruption and greed in spirituality.  The problem is there is no spirit and no soul, just brain electrics, and his brain was no better than anyone else's.  He just made up claims and passed on old false myths and told people to obey him without question.  There is no "new man" in that.  He was an old dictator and fraud, the same mind that Asia has been pumping out for many centuries.      
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      Christopher Calder
      Dear CC!
      Excellent! Standing ovations!
      What better service out of a stream from warm tears can be done for these ice blocked Bhogwashed Brainwashed in their fanatic, fundamentalistic religious repressive sickness?
      These New Age Nazis have to be hammered continously - like all wrotten fundamentalist of religious! Very seldom, dear CC, people like you and me, understood the voice of Master Brainwasher Bhogwash in such compassionate way, you do!
      Most Brainwashed Bhogwashed sick mediocre minds will escape from tantalizing truth from ordinary people like you and me!
      Most Brainwashed Bhogwashed sick mediocre minds sell tantalizing Tantra or other New-Age-Crap to the next victim generations, victims victimizing each other - in the ''name of the Rose'' - a film about Christians in the Darkness of Middle Age!

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