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13606what is healing???

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  • rajeevi0416
    Jan 28 6:33 PM
      All the words in this section are as spoken by Nithyananda Swamiji.
      Reading them carefully and trying to understand them deeply will
      bring about a radical change within us. When we transform inside, the
      outside transforms automatically.

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      What is healing?
      In Swamiji's words, "Healing is restoring Physical and Mental Health.
      There are seven Energy centres in our body called the seven chakras.
      They manage our physical, mental and emotional activities. Due to our
      emotions or some other reason, if any one of them gets disturbed,
      disease prevails. Different diseases are associated with the
      different chakras . If you can activate or energise the chakras by a
      meditation technique, then you can free yourself from dis-ease."

      Can you pass energy to people? "Certainly" says Swamiji. "Energy is
      subtle matter. When it is gross, it is Matter and when it is subtle,
      it is Energy. As per Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, Energy
      becomes Matter and Matter becomes Energy. When people asked Einstein
      how energy becomes matter, he replied 'here ends Science and starts
      Spirituality'. Where Einstein ends, the Upanishads start .

      Diseases like diabetes and blood pressure that have their roots in
      the psychosomatic level and have no direct cure in the field of
      Medical Science can be healed through meditation techniques. If you
      are unable to adopt the Meditation techniques yourself, then another
      person does it and passes the Energy to you through ' Ananda
      Healing ' - Swamiji's technique of harnessing the Divine Energy to
      channel it into people to energise and heal them.

      When asked, "Will meditation really help?", Swamiji says, "There is
      no need to speak in the language of belief or faith. To know that an
      apple is tasty, you dont have to have any belief - just have a bite
      and you will understand!"

      The First Healing Miracle:
      As a Realised Soul, Swamiji came wandering to the banks of Cauvery to
      a place called Bahavani Sangamam (in Mukkoodal in South India). His
      first healing miracle was with a man called Ilampillai Ramaswamy who
      was the Chieftain of the village called Ilampillai. He was suffering
      from lung cancer and came to Swamiji for his blessings. Even as he
      spoke, blood spurted from his mouth. Swamiji gave him vibuthi (Holy
      Ash) and he could feel the energy passing through his body during the
      three healing sessions with Swamiji. Medical tests proved that he was
      completely cured.
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