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  • Bob Hart
    Jan 28, 2005
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        Namaste Jai.  Meditation is easy . It does take a lot ot practice through. I like what you have written. Bob Hart                                                                                                    
      If stopping hte inner chattering is so easy then meditation should be a piece of cake. In order to stop inner mental chattering, one meditation technique is to meditate with a mahamantra CD. This CD has 20 minutes of humming with eyes closed and the eyeballs must be made not to move by exerting presuure on it from inside. As you hum deeply and loudly you will generate a feeling of being hollow like banboo and this sound pervades you and inner chattering will stop. After 20 minutees you can then be silent and focus on your heart center ( Anahata chakra) and the music will stop after 10 minutes. This meditation technique from Swami Nithyanada is so powerful that it will transform the being.
      jai Gurudev
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