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1360Journal Entry - November 12 - tosime

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  • Tony
    Nov 12, 2002
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      I am still having problems managing a flood of mails so I am simply posting
      regular stuff for the time being.

      Journal Entry - tosime
      Date: November 12
      Type: Meditation on inner sounds (with earplugs)
      Time: 07:40 a.m.
      Duration: 55 minutes (open)
      Posture: Seated on chair
      Body: Eyes closed,
      - tongue tip to pallet,
      - hands on knees-index finger touching thumb.
      Room Condition: Darkened room
      - One candle
      - Incense
      - Essential Oil - (Lavender+water on burner)
      - Bell
      Pre-session: Sip of water
      - full body stretch (3 times).
      Previous day's influence: Second yoga class.
      Mind Chatter: Medium.
      Waves of bliss: Two.
      Experience: Excellent Session.


      Had many, varied experiences today - I will be lucky if I can remember half
      of them.

      Decided to reach a no-mind state without thinking about the process. No
      analogies, just a simple stilling my mind.

      Before then, I went through the usual period of physical relaxation and
      giving my mind freedom to roam until I was relaxed enough to start a gradual
      shut down in thinking.

      During this period I saw how the previous day's incidents surfaced inside
      different situations. For example a feeling of curiosity about something I
      saw would surface as the same feeling coming up in a different situation.
      Once I saw the link to the previous day's incidence, the whole scene
      dissolved. As soon as I understood the process, I did not have to wait for
      the new scene to play itself out. All I needed to do was recognize the
      feeling and link it to the previous day's incidence and I could pass that
      episode much quicker than before. Did this a few times and it accelerated my
      movement through that phase or stage in my meditation.

      After stilling my mind, I felt stirrings of a wave of bliss. Just after the
      initial stirring I had this "knowing" that this wave would peak (most
      stirrings do not peak). There was no physical or "mental" indication that it
      would peak - just a strange knowing that seemed to have no form. My wave
      peaked. I then focused on the "knowing" and my whole body erupted as if to
      confirm that I had discovered something very important. My lower back (where
      I had felt pain) adjusted itself as if to confirm that this was what it was
      trying to tell me all the time. I had another wave of bliss.

      This intuitive sensation seems like an important door I have just opened.
      The problem is that the door has no visible handle or frame - nothing that
      would make it look like a door. You only knew it was a door when you went
      through it and noticed the difference in how the world appeared.

      By now all the other experiences during this meditation have faded from
      memory. This was a beautiful session. I can imagine how empty life would be
      without meditation!
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