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  • T.
    Jan 27, 2005
      How did you learn how to meditate?


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      > In true meditation the meditator and the object of meditation are
      > longer present.
      > If there is intention to meditate then this intention, this doing,
      > is coming from a doer. It comes from the concept of
      separation, "ME".
      > When meditation happens there is no one to whom it happens, no
      > happener making it happen.
      > Such moments cannot be brought about by methods, techniques or
      > practices as these are all ego based, based upon the idea that one
      > is not already existence itself.
      > The impulse to meditate arises when the action of seeking is
      > believed to be coming from a seeker, from "otherness", and this in
      > turn creates something to be sought. Seeking is an activity, NOT
      > entity, in consciousness.
      > That which the seeking arises from is what is being sought. When
      > this is intuitively understood no deliberate attempt to meditate
      > arise as the impulse to do so is no longer present, having been
      > severed at the root by the realisation that there is only Oneness,
      > that one is already what was being sought.
      > This is true meditation, there is no longer a meditator, simply
      > meditation happening.
      > --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "T."
      > <jedsgirl522@y...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Okay! I tried what you suggested. First - my mind was of
      > > pretty loud and busy. I'm sure you expected that. I just
      > listened
      > > to it and took some "mental notes". Didn't seem really chaotic -

      > > just busy.
      > >
      > > Then I tried the counting technique - and I fell asleep the
      > > time (dang!!) BUT - I tried the counting technique again tonight
      > and
      > > although I did a lot of thinking (dang!!) I just did what you
      > > suggested and mentally said "thinking" and went back to
      > > I'm not sure that I accomplished any sort of medatative state -
      > > however I was PLEASED to see that when I opened my eyes, 8
      > > had passed when I was SURE it would be only 3 or 4. So, that
      > > GOOD.
      > >
      > > I felt pretty relaxed and my hands and feet had a slight tingle
      > > I was surprised at how LONG it took to get to 10 (thinking!!
      LOL) -
      > > so, all in all I feel like it was a good experience. I will
      > > continue to use this method and keep you updated.
      > >
      > > Looking forward to my next lesson! *wink* and THANK YOU for
      > > the time with me - to teach me. I really appreciate you!
      > >
      > > Trina
      > >
      > > --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, Bob Hart
      > > <hartbd_62521@y...> wrote:
      > > > Hi Trina, try this, 1. first for 5 min just sit and watch what
      > > goes on in your mind, don't try and do anything, just observe,
      > > closed go ahead and do it now._____________________ Good what
      > > you see? what did you hear? there probably was a lot going on in
      > > your head right? OK lesson 2. for 5 min choose one of these
      > > practices, on the out breath count 1 every out breath count
      > > you get to 10 then start over ,, eyes closed both practices this
      > one
      > > just say breathing in as you breat in and breathing out as you
      > > breate out. now try that for 5 min. go ahead and try it. What
      > > happen? Did you find that there wasn't room in your head for all
      > the
      > > chatter this time? Most of the time you can only think of
      > > think at a time so when you pratice one of these your mind
      > > should cease. If you find your self losing track of were you are
      > > just go back to your practice. When any thoughts come just say
      > > thinking thinking go back to your practice. Try this and get
      > > with me please.
      > > > Thanks Trina.
      > > > Namaste Bob Hart
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