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    Jan 25, 2005
      Okay! I tried what you suggested. First - my mind was of course,
      pretty loud and busy. I'm sure you expected that. I just listened
      to it and took some "mental notes". Didn't seem really chaotic -
      just busy.

      Then I tried the counting technique - and I fell asleep the first
      time (dang!!) BUT - I tried the counting technique again tonight and
      although I did a lot of thinking (dang!!) I just did what you
      suggested and mentally said "thinking" and went back to counting.
      I'm not sure that I accomplished any sort of medatative state -
      however I was PLEASED to see that when I opened my eyes, 8 minutes
      had passed when I was SURE it would be only 3 or 4. So, that was

      I felt pretty relaxed and my hands and feet had a slight tingle and
      I was surprised at how LONG it took to get to 10 (thinking!! LOL) -
      so, all in all I feel like it was a good experience. I will
      continue to use this method and keep you updated.

      Looking forward to my next lesson! *wink* and THANK YOU for taking
      the time with me - to teach me. I really appreciate you!


      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, Bob Hart
      <hartbd_62521@y...> wrote:
      > Hi Trina, try this, 1. first for 5 min just sit and watch what
      goes on in your mind, don't try and do anything, just observe, eyes
      closed go ahead and do it now._____________________ Good what did
      you see? what did you hear? there probably was a lot going on in
      your head right? OK lesson 2. for 5 min choose one of these
      practices, on the out breath count 1 every out breath count untill
      you get to 10 then start over ,, eyes closed both practices this one
      just say breathing in as you breat in and breathing out as you
      breate out. now try that for 5 min. go ahead and try it. What
      happen? Did you find that there wasn't room in your head for all the
      chatter this time? Most of the time you can only think of one
      think at a time so when you pratice one of these your mind chatter
      should cease. If you find your self losing track of were you are
      just go back to your practice. When any thoughts come just say
      thinking thinking go back to your practice. Try this and get back
      with me please.
      > Thanks Trina.
      > Namaste Bob Hart
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