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13575Re: [Meditation Society of America] A little help on astral travel

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  • Jason Fishman
    Jan 23, 2005
      --- Nina <murrkis@...> wrote:

      > Hi, Jason, and everyone,
      > Somehow related to what you wrote in response to
      > Ganesh, and because I recall you like working with
      > images, I thought you'd like to know about the
      > following article:
      > http://www.collectivewisdominitiative.org/papers/hegedus_inner.htm
      > Nina

      Thanks Nina,

      That's a great intuitive article on some things that Gangesh can
      postulate in his search for the existence of astral travel. Some key
      points that brought my attention to a halt.

      Try not to originate images or focus on prevalence and meaning.
      Just because an image (this can be a feeling, picture, sound, etc.)
      emerges doesn't automatically impose the weight of meaning and
      orgination directly. It becomes typical that a student of astral
      travel becomes burdened by failure simply because a meaning
      for the image(s) seen in a trip are not confirmed.

      This also applies to you as a traveler having a border drawn between
      you and your sensations, as if images arise outside and are brought
      into the minds eye. That occurance is typical when postulating
      meaning and relavence and is not even key in everday
      life away from the idea of being an astral traveller.

      Another aspect is not trying to envoke images or locations
      at first, but just to see what you can see. This approach
      also lightens the load of proof and desire to manipulate
      a certain situation. Allowing your minds eye to travel
      is more imporatant in the begining then trying to force
      out a location or situation you must be privey to. Simply the
      desire to see, regardless of the images and how they manifest
      are vital to the motivation of astral travelling and, oddly enough
      everyday life. What you are attempting in logical terms is, the
      formlessness of sensation and the logic will only weigh you down,
      burden you with conflict and disbelief. Astral travel is sought
      as a next step in freedom (in this case freedom from form) and it
      is vital to allow the natural course of trancendence to just happen
      come what may.

      There is also the gift of purging the personal, which too is the
      to be completed by a certain set of circumstances. You, as is all
      that you
      seek to find are already as complete as they appear to be, there is
      real need to put you or the experience you have in the more important
      then the other role. They never jock for position, they only seem
      so as this is how they have been shown to manifest in the personal
      sense of sensation or experience. Again this can only come from
      desire to astral travel or if one is so inclined to become a doctor

      This latter aspect is manifesting already, which is especially more
      in ones face when you see the television exposing the "real world"
      type programming we are witnessing today. Allow your experience to
      with the natural progression.

      Peace and Love

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