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13555Nina on WuShu

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  • lovepeaceyes2000
    Jan 17, 2005
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      Dear Sister Nina
      I humbly bow at your feet and all my sisters and brothers who are
      always willing to share the news and teachings of the light… I
      a personal thank you Nina for asking the question – How does
      training comes to play with the same teachings of Wushu Concepts.

      From the Sholin Training and temple training we learn to use Gung-fu
      from three levels… One is the body; two is the mind, and finally
      usage of the breath… It is explained that once you have master
      levels then you will begin to understand the teachings of spiritual
      concepts… It was told to me that many can understand spirit
      without the completeness of the above training, but the advantage
      you have is living the teachings verse the understanding… This
      why Gung-fu is known as the way of life…

      But in the beginning there was training at the temple and there was
      no breathing for the training. This is where Da Mo a simple man who
      came from India who shared his training with the temple after some
      years when he was finally convinced that the people who wanted to be
      trained, was worth his training on spiritual level. You would know
      this training as Qigong. The breathing comes from the yoga of
      India… The Tantra part plays an important role…

      As the years come to pass we hear how the family styles of Gung-fu
      changes and how the society of china changes the rules and
      regulations of each dynasty. But during all the changes Qigong
      stayed… Now with competition being at large Wushu became the
      as we know it today… But behind all Wushu training there is the
      still the meditation and body meditation to complete the forms you
      enjoy so much to watch.

      So from the time of Kuruhsetra with the Pandu's at the battle
      talking to Krsna, till the time of China's teachings and Da Mo
      known as Bohdi Dharma, all training of our modern time comes from
      two places – China and India. Both are combined as one unit in
      training for those who will put the time to become the true warrior

      I would like to explain more but I am not sure if Qigong is
      understood to the world yet, even as we know it is growing strong
      here in the USA, as part of the meditation that we all talk about
      everyday here in the Meditation Community… But if there are more
      questions I will be glad to answer them more deeply or more on just
      want it is we really want to know….

      Your Friend and Brother;
      Sifu Rama Ananda Das