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13542''Wushu'' - meditation methods from all traditions

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    Jan 14, 2005
      Don't know if you know ''Wushu'',
      don't know if you accept ''Wushu'' as
      meditation methods from all traditions
      as matter of facts my neighbour in the house,
      an retired cook in his old age of 68 years,
      has visited in Decembre China and won
      in the 1st. Int. Wusu Festival the 2nd
      prize in his class of senior fighters.
      From his voyage he brought back about
      5.000 pics, and from a few pics you
      can watch a little slide-slow here:
      As overview first online in this site,
      you can enjoy the thumbnails:

      Gerhard 2nd winner in 1st World Int. Wushu-Festival

      click thumbnail to start the show








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