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13533Meditation - Good for Believers and Non-Believers

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jan 6, 2005
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      This article is from the "Concepts of Meditation" section of our web
      site, Meditation Station http:://www.meditationsociety.com
      It is being posted in response to an email asking if meditation is OK
      for those who believe in God. The writer's fundamentalist religion
      considers meditation as a "sin". Here's our take.....

      Meditation - Good for Believers and Non-Believers

      Dozens of times a day, athiests pray to god and devout believers in
      God deny His existence. Everyone, including athiests, subconsciously
      and consciously say things like "I hope this will happen" or "I hope
      that won't occur." This magical thinking is a form of prayer and all
      prayer implies a belief in a higher power who is able to receive the
      prayer and grant its request. Similarly, when anyone, even a person
      who professes belief in a God, expresses a belief that evil will
      overcome good or even that there is something "wrong" in their life,
      they have in fact denied their God's omnipotence, omniscience,
      omnipresence, etc.
      Taking these odd truths as further demonstration that the average
      person is very much in need of alot of inner help that only
      meditation brings, it is the position of the Meditation Society of
      America that a practicioner need not believe in God to gain benefits
      from meditation. In fact, by meditating, an athiest could become
      aware of their hypocritical prayers and a believer could see the
      contradictory nature of their verbalizations of doubts about God.

      There are many meditation techniques, such as the "Prayer Meditation"
      (#82), that have been handed down through the centuries specifically
      to unite the meditator with his God, to teach him how to serve Him or
      Her better, or some such goal that would be inapplicable to an
      athiestic practicioner. So, although some of the techniques we will
      be sharing may mention God, it is the position of the Meditation
      Society of America to neither encourage or discourage anyone, of any
      belief or religious background from using or agreeing to any of the
      methods or concepts we share. We simply want to make them available
      and hope they will help. As has been expressed many times, in may
      ways, by many wise beings, there are many paths to Peace. We'll be
      glad to show them to you and will never imply that any one of them is
      the best or only one. As you grow and evolve in consciousness, the
      entire universe gains and evolves as well, so we all benefit.
      Meditation is the best way to achieve this growth and evolution and
      we suggest you try it and hope you find it beneficial.