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13512Excellent News and a Great Opportunity

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Dec 22, 2004
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      We received exciting news yesterday from (the "real":-) Sandeep, about
      the availability on CD of the contents of one of the world's best web
      sites dealing with consciousness evolving concepts. And here it is...
      To address the issue of slow Net connection not allowing the complete
      viewing/hearing of the Covenant, Coby has worked out a basis for the
      entire Covenant site, currently at www.the-covenant.net to be
      available on a CD.

      You just plug in the CD into your CD-Rom and sit back and have
      popcorn, clicking here and there, as you do currently while wandering
      within the web-site.

      Dependency on your ISP, erased.

      Obviously the CD will be upto-date to a specific date and will not
      contain any new appearances at the Covenant web-site, after this date.

      It will thus also not have the "Whats new?" icon.

      The web-site (www.the-covenant.net) continues to exist and once
      sufficient new material gets uploaded (if any), another version of the
      Covenant CD gets released.

      Maybe some expert can advise, how to upgrade the existing Covenant CD
      itself, rather than get a new one.(Just like you do with

      If anybody here is interested to have the Covenant-CD, let me know.

      There is no cost for the CD, maybe some contribution towards mailing
      charges, which can also be reproduced by someone with a CDwriter
      making copies and distributing locally.
      Sandeep can be contacted at: