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13492Lunch with Jeff

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  • Don James
    Dec 18, 2004
      I tried getting together last July with him but it was a long haul
      from Maine to Baltimore, where I wanted to introduce him to satsang
      with Ammmachi. But today we hooked up for lunch, him and Linda were
      heading down to Florida for a month's vacation, and I'm about an hour
      or so from hiway 95 where he passes thru. I got there about a half
      hour early, found a nice mexican restaurant where we could have lunch
      and went to a Craker Barrel restaurant to wait in my car. He was
      supposed to call when he got close to the exit, but when it was past
      time, no call. I figured something was wrong with my cell phone so I
      called him.

      Yep, he was already here and had called me 3 times. So I drive to the
      Ramada Inn where he's parked and off we go to El Chalupa (or whatever
      it was called :-)) We embrace and share our war stories of our
      respective trips getting here. His a ticket for having a radar
      detector. Yep, not only do the cops in Virginia have radar but radar
      detector detectors. Mine, a short yellow light that turned red before
      I kept going right thru the intersection. And there had to be a police
      car at the intersection. Rats! What can you do. Get angry? Sad? Jump
      up and down?

      The restaurant is great but the waitress barely speaks english. What?
      Huh? Well, do YOU? It was frustrating. Beer. Beer! Cervesa damn it!
      Coronas for Jeff and I, none for Linda. Vegetarian all around, lots of
      cheese, yummy, but not so good for the arteries. Oh well. We talked of
      forums and business, we had some good laughs and it was intense, from
      my perspective. Jeff is an intense guy. There were some transcendent
      moments for me. Before they drove off, Jeff and I took a few minutes
      alone and I felt him, I felt his presence and it was good. :-)
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