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    Dec 16, 2004
      Dear Meditation-Society-of-America,
      your President, is this Bob Rose ?,
      surprises me! He allows you more
      to read of us from cold Munich, Old Germany
      than my ''Brothers-in-Bhagwan-Belief''
      dare to do! Why is that so?
      Are you more blessed, because you
      never suffered from ''Bhogwashed Brain''
      with all this immense influence of sick
      symptomps like: ''enlightenment'',
      ''spiritual GREED-GROWTH'' etc. ?
      Nevertheless: when Bob Rose allows
      again my Bolide-Brain Munich friend
      Kabir aka Michael to publish his
      opinion - like usual decorated with
      my tasteless satanic-sarcastic mouse-mind....
      in that case: pls. LAUGH! O.K.?
      Is there more religion+meditation
      LAUGHTER ?

      p.s.: 8.5 degrees below Zero Celsius here


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      Wed Dec 15, 2004 9:34 am

      da Goofey,

      everybody is interpreting according to his own mindset. If I say "You have a really beautiful flesh!", the girl next door will hear a different thing than the butcher and my girlfriend's daughter sitting at the table in the kitchen will think, I want something from her table.

      We project our state of mind unto the surroundings like a movie projector will spew Schwarzenegger unto your head if you stand up in the middle of the movie to go for the bathroom.

      Bhagwan had a job to do (given to him by existence) and he was simply following suit. As he was not doing anything on his own accord and simply spew out whatever movie existence put into him, we could very well say, that existence was talking to us.

      And everybody of us interpreted what he said according to our own mindset. When he said "love", some heard "sex", some others "agape", some thought "oh, yes!", others "not now!" and still others looked around with the question in their mind "with whom?"

      But it would not have been existence, if Bhagwan would not have been able to move us into the direction where existence wanted us to move.

      Bhagwan had a job to do

      .....See you later, when enlightened.









      courageous crew:


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