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13483about spiritual ''growth''

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    Dec 15, 2004
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      Dear MeditationSocietyofAmerica!
      These are word-works of my Munich
      friend Swami Anand Jivano aka Kabir
      for my friend from Texas: Prem da Gaff.
      Both meet in our n0by-gathering without
      censorship or flattering-praising sickness,
      to heal minority complex or what else?
      From my Munich friend Sw. Jivano-Kabir
      and his brain bolide my mouse mind knows:
      Jivano-Kabir will remain a friend beyond quarrels.
      This Sumarai-quality of friendship is the
      condition, I guess, to stand our gathering
      in freedom - others might prefer censored clubs.
      words of Kabir
      - some strange picts I have attached
      to get easier your attention with boulevard-style :-)


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      Tue Dec 14, 2004  6:58 pm


      Christian is a phoney substitute for spiritual growth and if you are still into that then you are dreaming.


      Such a short sentence and what a long life lies in it!

      So you have grown (or are even grown up?) spiritually. And that not only phoney, but sincere, deep, really ... whatever your opposite of phoney might be.

      Or haven't you ever thought about that "silent" might be the right opposite to "phoney"? Have you?

      I don't mean the Osho "silence" - tenthousand raising their arms and shouting "YAHOO!!!". No, I just mean ...............

      I don't mean the Osho "silence"


      But then, you would not call it spiritual growth, I bet, shrinkage, yes, but growth? And you would not boast about it, would not be proud about it, presumably.

      This "growth"-idea is a concept of the mind. Even spirituality had to be marketed and sold to the mind, so some unknown positive thinker must have come up with the concept of "spiritual growth" - like the entrance-sign to the Dachau concentration camp says "Work makes free".

      There is no such thing as "spiritual growth". The only thing possible is probably "ego shrinkage". But - would we have gone there, if it was clear for us, that we were going to become less, going to get less when we accepted the Name and the Mala? Would we? Satyananda perhaps, cause he was giving up much when he stayed in Poona right from the very beginning. But we - you and me - would we?

      Satyananda lets somebody say in one of his books about "spiritual growth" (in an interview with a Commune member):

      "Yes, it was clear to me, that I would loose everything over time - everything. Everything, which defines me as an Ego. It was clear to me, that I would loose my past, my masks, my personality, my Ego. So, naturally, I often trembled with fear."

      Why did Satyananda had had that printed? Because he was experiencing the opposite?



       Christian is a phoney substitute for spiritual growth
       and if you are still into that then you are dreaming.

      You can play around with your little concepts of this and that
       and what ever but that will not make you enlightened.

      The "growth" seems to be your focal point, george.
      But you are right: if one is still into that, then
      he is dreaming. Be he Christian or Jew or whatever.
      And especially if he is a Sannyasin.



      So you are enlightened. How else would you know what it was? And not only that, you also know what makes one enlightened and what not. A happening, which the old wise men describe as "un-caused" and "un-causable", and you know how to make it.

      Well, to be linguistically correct: you said you know how NOT to make it.

      Plausible. But false.
      Paper-Tiger doesn't stop a forest fire.

      I think, that was enough to show my point, that the Sannyas- believes are not more intelligent than the Christian ones. To the Christian's credit I must say: their master is dead for 2000 years by now. Their master's words have not been taped or printed in original. It's natural, that they miss a little, go astray here and there. But the Sannyasins?

      We even believe that we are not believers. What a trip!

      And mock about the Christians for following a dead master, celebrating dead ceremonies, and believing truth can be contained in a book. While we think we can contain truth in our mind. And think we are better. And subconsciously, deep down, think that we know what enlightenment is. Only because we have heard the word so often. Same with the word "energy" or "silence" or - beware - "meditation".


      We even believe that we are not believers. What a trip!







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