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  • mpeoh2002
    Dec 8, 2004
      I Am

      I am neither body, nor mind, nor soul;
      By design, I am an endless moment in eternity,
      An infinite container of nothingnessÂ…

      I am the absence of everything,
      The inclusion of nothing; of this I am certain--
      I exist only as an illusion.

      But because I do not exist
      It does not follow
      That nothing exists.

      That there is light and darkness,
      Matter and time, it is self-evident
      That the universe itself exists,

      And the universe is an unfathomable storm
      Of matter and energy relentlessly transforming itself
      Back and forth in space and time, both curved and malleable,

      Infinity large and infinitely smallÂ…
      Creating nothing more or less
      Than this illusion of what I am.
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