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13463Meditation Insight - Shaping Our Thoughts

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  • Tony Osime
    Dec 6, 2004
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      Thanks Sandeep and Jeff,

      This has to be one of my best "lessons" in meditation!

      What makes it so brilliant is the contrasting responses that said the
      same thing. It was as if I had one message for my right brain and one
      for my left brain just in case I missed the point!

      I even sense that your responses should not be dwelt upon as that leads
      to more "thinking".

      So let me end by saying another thank you!



      Without mind chatter


      with mind chatter,.....

      ......both are mind chatterings.


      Tony -

      This sort of thoughtful analysis,
      while fun and entertaining, and
      not without some value, is not
      meditation in the classic way.

      One does not think (mind chatter)
      their way to the meditative experience,
      and one does not simply not not think.

      While one may use tools and
      techniques as a road map, but they
      eventually must give way in order
      for the meditative experience to
      come in its subtle yet startling
      way of bringing an entirely new
      perspective on how we "know"
      and who we are in this life.

      One must disappear entirely, with
      no concern for or attachment to
      the process, either mind chatter
      or not, or silence or not, or phenomenon
      (the experience of light, sound, taste...)
      or not, before one is in "meditation".

      The meditative way of being is
      a spontaneous way of existing
      in the world, without being "of the world".
      As soon as we stick a mind probe in,
      we are back to our senses and
      out of meditation.

      To ask, "Am I thinking or not thinking"
      is thinking. And thinking or not thinking
      is not meditation.


      Maybe Sandeep's succinct response
      said it all, and my attempts to clarify
      are unnecessarily muddying the water.

      Enjoy the day.

      Seize the moment.

      Then disappear.