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13447Sounds of Silence

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Nov 30, 2004
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      From the song by Simon and Garfunkel:

      ...the words of the prophets
      ...are whispered in the
      sounds of silence.

      In Sound Yoga or Sound Meditation
      Techniques, one hears a variety of
      sounds (as so eloquently discerned
      and written of by Swami Sivananda
      - in an earlier post).

      But hearing the sound(s) is not the
      end result or aim or this meditation
      technique. It is a means of going,
      or being taken, deeper within to
      the silence. And while the experience
      of the sounds may be calming and
      even effulgent (and for those who
      practice meditation as a relaxation
      or stress management technique
      this may be the end result and
      aim - and that's fine), for the
      spiritual aspirant - the one who
      seeks perfect peace of mind, who
      responds to an intuitive stirring
      to Know experientially, there is more.

      In the inner silence, where the
      external world "disappears" from
      consciousness, and the typically
      constant inner chatter is stilled...
      the words of the prophets may
      be heard. Though they are neither
      words as we know them with the
      rational mind, nor are they
      heard as we think of hearing.

      This is the wisdom whisper from
      the mystic heart. "The words of
      the prophets", in this context,
      are about Awakening, Realization,
      Enlightenment, Christ Consciousness,
      Buddhahood, Samadhi, Satori...
      whatever words are used and
      recognized as synonymous by the
      various mystic traditions. And
      the wisdom whisper, once heard,
      brings this most sublime gift
      of God's grace to waking
      consciousness, and it becomes
      the undercurrent of life.

      It is joy beyond description.