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13445Re: [Meditation Society of America] Starting Over 5

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  • sarif mir
    Nov 30, 2004
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      Tony Osime <tony.osime@...> wrote:

      Hello Everyone,

      Permit me to share some of my meditation experiences as I restart my
      sessions after suspending them for over one year.

      This morning I rediscovered the pleasant sensations I used to have when
      I meditated. I am not an expert in meditation or brain physiology but my
      guess is that I am releasing endorphins that give me this pleasant

      In my old approach to meditation I used to measure the success of my
      sessions by the number and intensity of these rushes. I strived to have
      more and more of them. I felt that unless I did everything just right, I
      would not experience these sensations intensely.

      How things have changed! Without all my old techniques I am experiencing
      the "highs" I used to. This time there is no measuring or analyzing -
      just the simple experience. Now I am not concerned with what will come

      What comes next takes you outside the "NOW".



      Thanks tony,please share your experience with me.



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