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13421RE: [Meditation Society of America] Spirits, Demons, entities while Meditating

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  • Thomas R. Strauman
    Nov 24 7:23 PM
      I can understand what you say about religion and mysticism.  I purchased a book about "how to" with psychic phenomenon.  To be frank, I have not read it.  Mainly because at the same time I purchased a book on meditation, Buddhism and Zen.  I thought that before I even started playing with something like that, I should know myself better.
      That said, medititation in it purest form is not religion or paranormal.  It is a tool, by which one learns/discovers/experiences reality and enlightenment.
      I imagine it can also be used as a tool to experience a lot more, but taking a more Zen approach, it is a more passive thing.
      I do know that I will not risk encountering any entities unless I am fully strong enough to deal with them.
      And the direction that my meditation has taken has not been toward such as that, but rather with a focus on forgiveness and lovingkindness.
      So, I guess that I am saying that a meditation-like state to experience the paranormal is not really meditation.
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