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13418Spirits, Demons, entities while Meditating

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  • wisslewj
    Nov 24, 2004
      Dear Meditation Society members,

      I have a few quick questions for you if you have the time. First
      off, I thank you for all the free info. It is quite handy. :)
      Just a quick blurb about me: (without a religious debate lol) I am a
      christian that has found church (not christianity) lacking. In other
      words I believe most churches have become modern day pharisees. They
      follow a bunch of rules with stoic resolve but have no real spiritual
      (experiential and closeness) side with god. They also have no
      ability to simply see TRUTH wherever it may be. If it lies outside
      their preconceived notions of god then it is of satan. (the "flat
      earth" is a great example of this ignorance) Anyway that said, I do
      believe that Jesus is what the bible says he was. But I believe that
      because it was one of the few "revealed" experiences I have had with
      god. In general god feels far away most of the time, even though I
      know he isnt. Thats where you come in. :)

      I have thoroughly studied the marvals of the brain, most of the
      religions of the world, and practices such as meditation, kundalini,
      astral travel, lucid dreaming, miracle healing etc etc. you name it.
      (I am a knowledge devourer by nauture but knowledge ISNT wisdom...as
      I am sure you all know) I believe that all this "mystical" stuff
      isnt really evil as many christians maintain but more that it is
      neutral in respect---tools persay. (in fact, to the neutral observer,
      christianity looks no different than the occult--- god, spirit in us,
      miracles etc) Most of these "tools" can be documented by science to
      exist and to be beneficial on our bodies---though science doesnt
      understand the HOW in alot of it. (for example the theta waves
      produced in deep meditation have been shown to be extremely
      beneficial to the healing and energizing of the human body)The brain
      is an awesome thing!! That said it would seem god has given us
      humans the biological or intrinsic abillity to reach higher states of
      consiousness etc. WHY would he allow this if we were not to use it?
      Hence my reason for saying I feel it is neutral and can be used
      to "see" clearer. (just like sex can be good/evil or prayer even)

      OK. So here is my question. (I ramble a bit lol) All of the
      practicionars of these things tote the benefits to meditation, astral
      travel, kundalini, lucid dreaming etc. BUT, most also speak of
      potential "dangers". Now without being religous specific the issues
      range about encountering evil---satan, demons, "low level" spirits,
      disembodied entities, elementals, etc.....whatever you wanna call
      them is irrelevent to me. My point is that there seems to be a
      general warning that as you enter the spiritual realms you WILL
      encounter this stuff. Is this true? I have read reports of
      paranormal activity occuring in regular life, being tormented
      by "demons", you name it. My question is, what is the reality of
      this? The possibility? I seek god with my whole heart and soul and
      desire to be transformed into a holy, godly, and pure individual. I
      want to serve and be filled with the love of god. (again please no
      deabate on WHO that god is or isnt) But I am not perfect by any means
      and I still have evil, or impurity if you will, within me that I can
      recognize. (non loving characteristics at times) That said, I dont
      seek to draw more evil into me or around me ya know.

      Some of the more terrifying reports I have read were with astral
      projection. (hooded things staring at you as you exit, screaming etc)
      My opinion is that if these things are real, that one should be
      prepared for them. How would one prepare? I wuld assume the ability
      to have a clear will and mind would be essential so as to force any
      encountered evil away? Again, how does one do this? Just as we
      wouldnt stroll into a battle without training first I dont believe we
      should wander willy-nilly into the realm of the unknown without be
      trained and properly prepared first. Well anyway, thanx for listening
      to me ramble. lol. I would greatly appreciate any advice and/or
      opinions as it is my desire to reach the wisdom and love of god not
      the knowledge and laws of men. Be blessed.
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