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13412Kundalini breaks through - beyond logic

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    Nov 22, 2004
      Dear Readers,
      if your logical system agrees or  disagrees
      if you integrate words for your presentation,
      if words from this or another book, from
      this or another wisdom-entertainer resonate
      with your own mind frame, has not much
      to do with your real process, cooking inside.
      This real process cooking inside boils
      beyond mind, far beyond mind all
      our knowledge, our self esteem and
      opens the greatest door possible:
      the door to reality
      This is where mind experience ends.
      There starts a body experience.
      My Munich friend Michael has
      travelled in more than 20 ardous years
      of efforts, without questions of costs,
      reputation, money in deep trust and
      surrender to his teachers Bhagwan
      and Bodhidharma to and over the
      point of no return.
      From now nearly five years of
      personal meetings and guidance
      in Michael's infinite patient, honest
      and noble way, to share his ultimate
      experience, Michael lives and gives with
      his inner door open.
      When all logical approach fails to ''understand'',
      maybe your own experience gives you
      a chance to connect deeper with this
      existencial understanding from Michael ?

      welcome (partly) in reality, Valerie

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      Mon Nov 22, 2004  7:55 pm

      valerie, I read from you:

      > ANY "mentors" around?
      > because I most certainly need one
      > (in case no one notices).

      Interesting. The moment I started reading your posts
      I recognized, that you should better be left alone
      though Kundalini raising symptoms where allready all
      over your posts. Perhaps you had had enough of therapy
      for the rest of your lives? .o)

      Now you say, you "most certainly need a mentor". Hhhmmm.

      What an u-trun. So the Energy has become stronger?
      That's good IMO.
      Too strong for you to handle it?
      That's not so good
      (I mean trying to "handle" it).

      And what should this mentor do then?

      Help you control it again?

      That would be as if a midwife helps you to push back
      the baby instead of helping you to deliver it.

      In some early stages of pregnancy that might be
      the right thing to do, but in your case I think,
      that might be a little late, don't you agree?

      And how should this "most certainly needed" mentor
      help you? If you (or: as you?) allready know what you
      need and what to do, then she/he is not needed.

      First and last of all make yourself ready for it.

      From my experience I know, that sincery seeker get
      sincere helpers, egocentric meet egocentric ones,
      egoistic meet egoistic and stubbornness meets
      stubborness. What might be yours like?

      Also from my experience I'd say:

      Look at yourself, prepare yourself as best as you can
      by being honest to yourself about where you stand
      and what you know and what not. Ruthless honest towards
      and about yourself.

      And prepare for somebody else deciding what you need.

      During the sessions with my spiritual friends (there
      were two, first a female, later a male), she/he decided
      when I needed to go to the toilet or drink some water.

      And of course they decided when the session would end -
      not seldomly when the sun came up again after a long,
      intense night.

      You think you could manage to create that much TRUST?

      The more you can trust the more trustworthy will be the
      trainer, whom you finally get.

      Ah, yes: as soon as it's decided who trains you
      (decided not by you, but by the trainer with your
      allowance), then trust only this one trainer.

      Listen only to this one person. Only one. Not two.

      Don't even trust your own mind,
      if it's against the trainer. because part of her/his
      job will be to bring up the suppressed stuff in you,
      and this Pandora-stuff will influence your judgement
      immensely (and unnoticable for you).

      Good luck



      From my experience I know, that sincery seeker get
      sincere helpers, egocentric meet egocentric ones,
      egoistic meet egoistic and stubbornness meets
      stubborness. What might be yours like?




      Re: welcome (partly) in reality, Valerie

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      Mon Nov 22, 2004  10:03 pm


      Valerie said:

      > i've pretty much noticed that everyone thinks i'm a TROLL;

      You behaved pretty like it. I thought and still think, that this was just a phase of strong and illogical and unsocial expression - which is regularily triggered by Kundalini beginning to raise. This way Energy starts to clean the system from "educated" behaviour-patterns (like having to be friendly, having to answer when asked something etc.). At the same time the unsocial behaviour will get negative responses from others, thus the social-dependence (ego) is reduced, too.

      Later you have the unsocial beaviour at your fingetips should
      you feel the need for it, but are no longer reduced to only that.

      So don't be astonished if it comes again in certain situations or towards certain people; it may then go away as fast as it comes. The overall, final result is more freedom for you and others.

      A "broader spectrum of expression" so to say.

      Not to be taken as an excuse but as an explanation.

      All velly natulal, missis, and velly plactical

      flom the viewpoint of the enelgy. ,O)






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