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13408Aoha, Cindy!

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  • veganlady21
    Nov 18, 2004
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      And welcome to the group! You say you are "a little confused with all
      the different types of meditation," and well you should be -- there
      are over 100 types of meditation out there!

      I'm Rev. Sue Annabrooke Jones, the voice behind 'Mental Yentl, the
      Meditation Matchmaker,' and my job is to use my mediumship abilities
      to match the seeker with 8-12 meditation methods that are suited to
      his or her unique situation. I work under the auspices of Ascended
      Masters and the client's own spirit guides, who can see deeply into
      the querent's spiritual energies. The meditation methods they
      recommend for the individual have nothing to do with what works for
      others, but rather with the individual's soul vibration, temperment
      and life purpose.

      You can learn about the Mental Yentl Reading and read what others are
      saying about it at my website.

      Bright blessings,


      Rev. Sue Annabrooke Jones