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13398US News & World Article Help Needed

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Nov 8, 2004
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      I am hoping you can help with an article I'm working on for
      USNews&World Report magazine¬Ö Any insight, advice or actual contacts
      would be much appreciated...
      You might mention to your members that I'm looking for:

      An American citizen currently living in the US whose life has been
      changed, for the better, by meditation - preferably someone who's
      relatively new to the practice, say the past 3-5 years. This could be
      a man or woman with a medical condition whose doctor recommended
      meditation and whose health has improved, or someone focusing on
      stress reduction, for example.
      This person should be willing to go on the record and can contact me
      at carolynkleiner@... anytime this week, through Nov. 12th, if

      Thanks again and all best,
      Carolyn Kleiner