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  • Jerry Katz
    Nov 7, 2004
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      > Message: 1        
      >   Date: Sat, 06 Nov 2004 03:51:53 -0000
      From: medit8ionsociety
      > Subject: Book Reviewers Wanted
      > It seems like it is becoming practically a daily event for us
      > receive books submitted either for review in The Inner Traveler or
      > listing in the Suggested Reading section of our web site,
      > Station. So, we intend to start including more reviews with
      > upcoming issue, and will be contacting our web master about
      > our Suggested Reading section. For The Inner Traveler, this
      > necessitate having a few volunteers to review the books. We now
      > several excellent ones waiting to be read. If you are interested
      > becoming a reviewer, please feel free to email me at
      href="mailto:medit8@...">medit8@... and let's discuss this opportunity to
      > share your impressions with our
      members and readers.
      > Peace and blessings,
      > Bob Rose,
      > Meditation Society of America
      Potential reviewers might want to look at this article on how to review books: http://www.library.dal.ca/how/bookrev.htm
      There are reviews and there are reviews. It's not too challenging to read a book and write a paragraph or two about it. It's another story to write something in accord with the guidelines presented at the link above.
      Maybe, Bob, you'd want to create your own set of guidelines so that reviewers know what to expect and understand what they have to do.
      Here's a briefer list of guidelines for reviewing: http://www.well.com/user/ladyhawk/bookrevs.html
      Because a proper review takes many hours -- reading, writing, re-writing -- I'm only doing ones for books that I really like and that I think are significant contributions to nonduality literature. There aren't many of those. I recently did one for The Sacred Mirror: http://tinyurl.com/3rxcg.
      It seems as though the state of publishing in the genre of nonduality is one of identifying and presenting nondual people, teachers, gurus, and presenting and explaining Advaita or nonduality. There are a number of works that are worthwhile and important, but there's always a demand for QUALITY CREATIVE works. Jed McKenna's work is captivating teaching-fiction. Of course Ken Wilber is on a level of his own. Eckhart Tolle struck a chord. Jerry Wennstrom is interesting.  Pradhhep Chhalliyil took a nondual/Upanishadic look at The Matrix in his book. Chuck Hillig has an interesting angle with his simplicity style. Deepak Chopra succeeds (but his fiction failed). Byron Katie has a whole new shot going. Sentient Publications just published a book by a guy named John Levy, who is Wei Wu Wei-like, but is unknown and passed away some years ago.
      I'm not saying these 'interesting' books are more important or useful than those that are more traditional in their process, style, and format. They're just different, while being effective in a nondual way. Because they're different, they're more fun for me to read. And because they're different it's possible they could expand the audience of readers of nonduality books. Having said all that, ANYTHING that's extremely well written interests me, though I don't get around to all of it.
      Those are some thoughts on book reviewing and my take on what I like to review and what I think is interesting.
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