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13354n0by - Kabir-Michael word in my web-works

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    Oct 15, 2004
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      Thu Oct 14, 2004  6:39 pm

      Everything is normal, Money is spent and earned,

      religion is for the masses, masters are far away

      in India or Zen-monasteries. Truth is transmitted

      in newspapers or TV



        - questions

      One gets curious, visits a master, reads a book,

      asks questions.


      - quest
      The Master's Energy has caught. Person becomes seeker,

      Truth becomes quest. Love is everywhere, development

      is happening, the world is full of wonders.


      Many (most?) seekers are stuck in this phase nowadays.

      Some even believe this is the final stage, they "got it",

      are allready enlightened etc. Flower everywhere

      (and false gurus also).


      - quarrel


















      The unvisible energy around the master has done it's job.

      Individuality has grown and the inner Buddha is creating

      antisocial attitudes to support that process. As the

      spiritual realm has become the seeker's "family" in

      phase 2, the actions and attitudes may even be (seemingly)

      against the spiritual path itself - though they are part of it.

      Not few seekers turn against their former master - also seemingly -

      (and thus prove that he has done his job). Others just

      do the opposite, and become vehement advocates for their

      master - all depends on the individual soul and the game she is

      playing. A common factor is, that the seeker creates situations

      for himself, where he doesn't get support and acknowledgement.

      The N0by-List is a focus point for seekers in this phase.

      Again there is the danger to remain stuck here. Because one

      is stronger now in his individuality than in earlier phases,

      the chance to "be right" or "to remain untouched and cool"

      is seductive.

      To avoid this pitfall, it's important not only to upset,

      but to accept being upset. Not only hitting - but accepting

      and being open to be hit, staying open when hurt. Jesus'

      saying about the other cheek is for seekers in this phase.

      The gems of this phase are not the moments when one wins,

      but when one looses and is hurt.


      - starting to give in























      When the seeker has learned to accept that he is in

      God's (or his own Buddha's) hands and that the negative

      situations are to clean and clear his consciousness,

      the next phase can start. Now the Buddha can really

      become nasty towards the ego. Karma can now be balanced.

      And of course the Buddha determines what and how much

      is to be balanced and not the ego.

      It is not uncommon, that illnessnes manifest here

      (like nearly loosing one's eyesight, or gettinng broken

      limbs in self-created accidents when one has not respected

      the eyes and bodies of others in earlier lifes).

      It becomes "dark" for the seeker - only now and then a

      light moment happens - just the minimum needed to keep

      the seeker on track and going. Yet everything is a blessing,

      but this standpoint is unavailable for the seeker (otherwise

      Karma-balancing would not be possible).

      The story about walking through the woods at night

      without a light and only now and then a bolt of lightning

      gives some light on the path - that is a story about

      this phase, like the saying about the "dark night"

      etc. Many stories and talks about this phase are told

      by the elders in the esoteric scene - because is this

      phase any support and encouragement one can get is needed.

      TRUST is needed (and missing) most in this realm.

      Satyananda's comment about "who has never played with the

      idea of suicide, whose path has not yet begun" speaks of

      this landscape.


      - the light at the end of the tunnel


      When the individual Karma is partly balanced,

      the egocentric viewpoints can be given up, and the

      Buddha within gives the seeker small insights

      and feelings about what is happening in his life.

      Slowly, slowly, slowly the stress for the person

      becomes less, life is more and more (consciously)

      lived according to "thy will be done".


      About further phases I cannot speak,

      because I have no personal experience.

      But according to the Elders there is

      much, much more on the path.

      N0by, you are the target of your own Buddha.

      Don't run too fast in your verbal zick-zacks.

      Let yourself be hit more. Don't win too many


      With Love





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