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  • Nina
    Oct 5, 2004
      What a good letter, Josie. Absorption in one's
      illnesses and failings can be a sickness in itself.
      Some would say, it is the primary sickness.

      I live in a town that is full of 'healers',
      who, for one reason or another, have really
      bought into the story that you have to keep
      working on yourself to heal. Ach, the stories
      I could tell about the subtle and not-so-subtle
      ways that they manipulate their 'patients'
      and themselves. Because there is a critical
      mass here, that sort of thinking gets reinforced.
      We are such social creatures, so easily misled
      by the promise of connection.


      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "blueoceantiger"
      <jkane@d...> wrote:
      > Dear k****
      > I read your letter to the meditation site
      > about struggling with being paralyzed and
      > trying to heal, and i felt drawn to reply.
      > Many of us struggle with conditions that
      > appear resistant to change. While some
      > appear more or less heart-breaking on the
      > surface, most of us see aspects of our lives
      > and in our world that we deeply wish were
      > different.
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