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  • Jeff Belyea
    Oct 2, 2004
      Noticing the breath, focusing
      our awareness on the gentle
      and silent inhale and exhale,
      is at the core of almost all
      techniques or combination
      of techniques taught as

      As this relaxation technique
      quiets the mind, we may
      eventually come to an inner
      silence, where even noticing
      the breath fades away.

      This inner silence is true
      meditation, and over time
      the meditator will come to
      maintain this inner silence
      as an undercurrent of life,
      while being actively engaged
      the daily activities.

      At this point (and this ability
      to be able to maintain the
      inner silence while even
      active can takes years for
      some to achieve) meditation
      becomes our natural state,
      and with that comes a
      peace of mind and freedom
      from stress - or at least
      an effective way to manage
      stress –

      and with it may come a
      natural enlightenment, a
      realization, an awakening,
      an understanding, a sudden and
      startling wisdom, a sense of
      a "new" reality - that was there
      all the time just waiting for us
      to re-discover it and shake off
      the learned way of thinking
      that had us formerly identifying
      ourselves with our thinking,
      our senses, and our intellect.

      Visualization is not meditation
      in the classic sense, but is
      a way to quiet negative self-talk
      and may be a "cousin" to
      meditation, but it is not

      Visualization is a wonderful
      creative strategy for goal
      achievement: imagining
      that we are at an ideal weight,
      motivating us toward success
      in our careers, sports performance,
      or breaking a habit like quitting
      smoking...or jumping over
      a big puddle.

      Visualization is an active
      use of our imagination and
      while a positive and valuable
      tools as mentioned above,
      it engages the thinking process
      and inner "noise", which is
      not the same as the inner
      silence that meditation
      can bring us to experience -
      and the mystical door that
      it can open.

      -- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com,
      medit8ionsociety <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > When you meditate should you concentrate on your breathing
      or should
      > you do visulization? What is the difference?
      > L and J
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