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13308Re: The Total Meditation Diet

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  • Tom Flou
    Sep 27, 2004
      Hi Era.

      Its many years since I was "engaged with Gurdjieff."
      I recall him as a man of good and varied taste,
      not favoring or avoiding anything in particular.
      Smoking, eating and drinking with gusto.
      He was a good cook himself.
      I think he advocated trust in the intelligence
      of the autonomic body-functions, that you should not
      interfere with the functioning of the internal organs.
      I recall an anecdote from some book. He was traveling.
      At that time someone had convinced him it was important
      that the food be chewed 21 or something times before
      it was swallowed. (7 times left, 7 times right and
      7 times back and forth. >LOL< (Tom´s addition))
      Then he met this man who had the opinion that if you,
      with your mouth, did all the work on behalf of your stomach,
      the stomach would "forget" to do its job properly ;-)
      I like to think he applied this philosophy to all other,
      autonomic body functions.

      Personally I thing I would feel very comfortable
      at Gurdijeff´s table.

      Regarding the Ashram-gardening mode you refer to:
      My view is this:
      Do, whatever you do, with full attention.
      - Then it matters less what Mantra or vibration you put into it.
      And I don't think the vegetables care either. ;-)

      > ps: food for my psyche is my favorite one

      I agree, particularely after a good, Gurdijevian, meal :-)


      > "Era" <mi_nok@y...> wrote:

      > Tom, your winking kind answer kept me
      > thinking about the etheric quality of
      > food, of any food; mental physical or
      > else
      > I followed many diets among them one
      > with vegan raw-live food; living in
      > an Ashram where we planted the seeds
      > with good-vibrations: with a mantra,
      > harvested and cooked the same way,
      > and eat the same way honoring the
      > prana
      > thanks for reminding me
      > -right now I am not a vegan only
      > mix food according their time of
      > digestion, keeping in mind that proteins
      > take 4-6 hours and fruits 1-2, so mixing
      > them would be eating rotten fruits..
      > was Gurdijeff vegetarian?
      > metta, Era
      > ps: food for my psyche is my favorite one
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