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  • Nina
    Sep 24, 2004
      Good morning, Jeff,

      > Yes, many of the denomination Internetist
      > do their daily readers "faithfully". Round and round
      > this world goes. Maybe Yahoo! will replace
      > Hallelujah! one day, the way "What IS" or
      > "This" replaces God.

      Praise be!

      > A Bob Rose by any other name, would he
      > be as sweet? (Posting especially sweet
      > and divine messages these last few days.
      > Gratitude for a good start to his gods of
      > the pigskin contests.)

      Oh, feetball, it is that time of year again.

      > Religion as a byproduct of transformation
      > seems to be on the same hand as Don's
      > bit of wisdom. Chicken or egg?

      Well, I know one at least place where you can have your
      chicken and egg together: the Waffle House. If I recall
      correctly, you get some hasbrowns on the side, too.
      Back in the late 80s when I was workin' at the Waffle House,
      it was only $5.99. What a deal, if you don't count
      the killer indoor air quality.

      > Sipping hot lemon water, reflecting on
      > days of hazelnut coffee and cinnamon buns.

      Try a dash of cayenne in that lemon water
      and make it warm... gare-ON-teed to get you
      up and... uh... going. ;)

      > Blissful love for you, as always,

      Thanks, Jeff, you mushbucket, you. Hehe...

      the ever irreverent,
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