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13289Re: [Meditation Society of America] What's up group?!? – Here’s my introduction…

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  • ganeshbabu vempati
    Sep 23, 2004
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      Julie <life_changes@...> wrote:

      Hey there everyone! My name is Julie and I am a recent new member to
      the group so I thought I'd introduce myself� I'm a 26 yr old self-
      employed single mom in Southern California and I love to read, learn
      new things, and expand my pool of knowledge. I'm hoping I can find
      some good info here on how meditation can help me to enhance my
      health and well-being, and I'd also like to meet some like-minded
      people. Hope everyone is doing well and have a great rest of the


      Hai Julie hearty welcome to u, Iam ganesh B vempati from Andhra Pradesh, India. I also like reading variety of books, observing the Nature and surroundings and doing meditation since 4 years consciously. But later Icould understand that Iam doing meditation since somany births.Miditation is a kind of tool to stbilize our minds sothat one will get tremendrous concentrating power and thought power so that one can creat every thing by themselves. U can do meditation just by crossing fingers of the both the hand and crossing ur legs at foot and observing ur breath normally without making any thoughts so that slowly u will enter into alpha state which will help u in knowing many things ur self. thanking you. Please reply if u feel.


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