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  • Nina
    Sep 17, 2004
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      > > > Hi Tony.
      > > >
      > > > I think at least some of the time, and quite possibly most
      > > > of the time, what people are getting as "signals their bodies
      > > > give them" are really just self-fulfilling expectations
      > > > based on the cultural beliefs that person lives under.
      > >
      > > Yea, I've wondered that, too. I think as in most things,
      > > there are these 'grammars' that people carry around regarding
      > > food. Grammars are learned, like the little thoughts that
      > > pop into my head when, say, I think about eating a peanut
      > > butter and jelly sandwich "Oh no peanuts allergies sugar
      > > and bread candida". Probably, those thoughts have an
      > > influence on digestion, in that when I think those thoughts
      > > my gut hardens. However, I pretty much recognize those
      > > thoughts as 'planted' rather than 'native'.
      > Discrimination. It works, but must be planted
      > in experience rather than belief. Most folks are
      > working off of belief.

      Yep, understood.

      > > > What I mean is, in some cultures, onions are good food.
      > > > In other cultures, onions are bad food. What signals do
      > > > you think people in those cultures will get when they are
      > > > around onions?
      > > >
      > > > That's how it works for a lot of subtle sensing. It's much
      > > > more about adopted ideology and the expectations inherent
      > > > in that ideology. It's more about what you believe you
      > > > should be seeing rather than what you are actually seeing.
      > >
      > > Yep. I do think it is possible, however, to bypass those
      > > adopted ideologies/expectations and 'listen to your gut'.
      > > Though often hidden by the racket of adopted
      > > ideologies/expectation, the verdict of the gut
      > > doesn't lie.
      > But the gut may not have an answer for everything.
      > IOW, some things you put to your gut may not elicit
      > a response, yet the mind may try to fill the void with
      > a grammar about it.

      Yes, or what seems to be 'not an answer' may be a neutral
      response, or a response that less emphatic and directional
      ("garlic, ho hum, eat it or don't, it don't matter").
      Recognizing that before automatically filling the void with
      a grammar ("garlic is not good, it is stimulative, etc.")
      is the "goal", if there is a goal. :) 'Course, if you're
      getting a neutral response, no harm in making decisions
      based on grammars.

      > > Tony, the verdict comes so quickly - instantaneously -
      > > that no one at the grocery store would suspect a thing.
      > > Have you ever seen what happens to a young child that eats
      > > something that disagrees with them? They throw up right
      > > away. It's very much the same with adults, but we've
      > > taught ourselves not to reject foods in that way.
      > >
      > > I've found that it isn't necessary to taste or eat the
      > > food to garner response - picking it up will do. It's
      > > pretty specific - intestinal backflips, nausea or
      > > 'sudden gas' is a no, a feeling of being nourished, satiated
      > > or neutral is a yes. Probably others have other signals.
      > >
      > > > It's good to eat healthy for many reasons, but I don't
      > > > think it's nearly as important for spiritual reasons as
      > > > most new age people want to believe.
      > >
      > > Yep. Isn't it fascinating how pervasive spiritual dogma
      > > can be... right down to diet!
      > And into your sex life, social habits, pretty much
      > everything. It forces the individual into a box that
      > most likely doesn't fit their lives. What few people
      > understand is that you can bend spirituality around
      > anything, but you can't necessarily bend yourself
      > around any spirituality.

      Well, all the more reason to practice hatha yoga! /grin/

      > > Have a nice evening...
      > > Nina
      > You too. :)
      > --jody.

      Thanks... we're currently living through our second big
      hurricane of the season... and we live in *the mountains*
      (southern Appalachia)! Frances brought big floods and
      water system contamination/service closure. Now, a week
      later, Ivan hits our saturated soils. Luckily, I live
      on a high spot in the lee of an even higher spot, so
      the winds haven't been hitting the enormous trees here.
      Last night when we lost power, I went out and enjoyed
      the very eerie experience of total EMF quiet. The trees
      were still, but up above, the clouds were roiling. It
      reminded me of the atmosphere at the end of the end of
      the Matrix series (the one in the above-ground world).
      Anyhoo, obviously power is back for now, but the remnants
      of the hurricane are going to stick around through Sunday
      to dump more rain on us. I don't know if it makes more
      sense for me to get my work on the computer done while we
      still have power, or get to work draining the basement. :)
      Ah, the intricacies of this video game we call life.

      have an even nicer day..
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