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13268Re: Meditation and diet

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Sep 16 2:53 PM
      Hello, Tony -

      Some naturopathic physicians will place
      homeopathic remedies on client's chest
      and test for muscle strength (or weakness)
      in reponse to the particular remedy.

      Probably the same thing would work (if
      there's any credence to this approach)
      with broccoli...even spinach. Who was
      it who said, "I yam what I yam"? Is that
      the same as, "I am what I eat."?

      For those who do energy work, this
      "body wisdom" would seem plausible.


      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Tony
      Osime" <tony.osime@f...> wrote:
      > Hello Everyone
      > I have not posted for months but I try to read the daily
      > I found the topic of meditation and diet very interesting. I have a
      > question.
      > I read somewhere that those who meditate are more aware of
      their bodies
      > and as such are more receptive to the signals their bodies give
      them in
      > the presence of food. I wonder if any of use could share their
      > experience along these lines.
      > I understand that it is possible to be so aware that when you
      shop for
      > groceries you can actually feel your body saying yes or no to
      > foods. I envisage being able to hold a food item and reflect on
      > your body was saying - ignoring perhaps the strange looks
      from others
      > around you!
      > ...Tony
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