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13254About Love and It's Lack

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Sep 13, 2004
      This is from an email we received yesterday, and below it is part of
      our response (the rest was my suggesting it be posted here, as I
      thought what she wrote to be interesting and probably a common but
      usually unspoken thing). And below that is part of her response. If
      you feel the urge, please feel free to add your comments/guidence/etc.
      I'm sure the sender will appreciate all input. If you don't want to
      share your words on the group, but would like to have it forwarded,
      email me privately and I'll forward your response to her.
      R***'s email:

      I have read some articles on your website, and especially on love.You
      have asked or suggested that feel the love of your
      sister,parents,firneds etc etc.
      I honestly tell you that since my birth, I have never felt the love of
      any one of parent, or brother, or sister, or a friend. Simply because
      my mother died when I was 2 yrs old. Now I am of 64 yrs, and I very
      closely see the world around me, and never felt that any body has any
      interest in me, except in the moments when I am able to give something
      material to them. I am not impressed from your article. There is no
      Love in this world, Only hate which is a born instinct, probably to
      preserve the self of a person. If you think, I should feel
      artificially the presence of love around me, OK I shall try and inform
      you, what happens.

      Part of our response:

      Dear R***,
      All of which you speak is from a perspective that you have, and this
      perspective can be broadened, changed, modified, etc. by meditation
      and self-enquiry. You need not stay in what I will call "the victim"
      mode. Yes on one level, love can appear to be absent in your life's
      experience. But in another way, if you could still R***'s mind, I'm
      confident that what you would be filled with is Love. It is the basic
      underlying feeling that is ever present, and we as humans do have the
      potential to have that be an experiential thing and not just a
      concept. And that is where meditation comes in. No matter what
      religion or belief system you follow, inner investigation has the
      potential to lift you out of your illusiory "I am alone in the world"
      feelings and thoughts, and bring you to the reality that you are a
      part of everything everywhere, eternally connected, and yes, Loved and
      Loving. I do think it would benefit yourSelf to actually meditate, as
      you have inplied you would, and I am confident that once you have
      removed R***'s habitual mentations, your Real Self will present itself
      and its name will be Love.
      Peace and blessings,
      Bob Rose, President,
      Meditation Society of America

      Part of R***'s response:

      Thank you sir, I think you are right.