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  • veganlady21
    Sep 2, 2004
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      Dear Sara,

      In my work as a meditation matchmaker, I advise my clients not to rely
      on memory, but to use either self-guided scripts or commercially
      recorded media. Each of these has its pros and cons, and it's largely
      a matter of personal choice.

      Taping your own scripts is very inexpensive, especially if you borrow
      books from the public library. And because not all guided meditations
      in print have been rendered into sound, you have a much wider
      selection from which to choose. Also, you know what you're getting
      with the voice and the accent. Building your own guided meditation
      library involves more work, of course, but generating the intention to
      evolve or heal oneself, then following through with effort sets up a
      powerful vibration of spiritual self-sufficiency. So does being taught
      and guided by your own voice, and this energy builds on itself each
      time you perform the meditation. Additionally, the sound of your own
      voice adds dimensions of intimacy and immediacy that are often missing
      with commercially produced recordings.

      But what if you don't like the sound of your own voice on tape? Many
      people don't. Vanity issue or no, if such a distaste is going to
      present a hindrance, prerecorded media are the way to go. They are
      also the obvious choice for those who don't have time to make their
      own recordings. The sound quality is superior, and the guided
      meditation experience seems more "shared" -- which at some level it
      is, since other people out there are meditating to the same tape,
      albeit at different times.

      The recommended guided meditations in the Mental Yentl Database
      consist of both make-your-own and prerecorded media, grouped by issue.
      If you want to email me privately and identify those issues you are
      working with in therapy, I'll be happy to recommend (free of charge)
      guided meditation material in those specific categories.

      For `Mental Yentl, the Meditation Matchmaker,'

      Rev. Sue Annabrooke Jones
      CosmicLotus.org: a Cyberministry