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13238Spiritual Tour to the West of Sri Swami Adhyatmanandji

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Sep 1, 2004
      From the Divya Jivan group:

      Honoring a few sincere devotee's request, our beloved & most
      worshipful, H. H. Sri Swami Adhyatmanandji Maharaj will be on Holy
      Yatra (Spiritual Tour) in the West including Europe, USA , Canada &
      UK during September to December 2004 during his Diamond Jubilee year
      2004. Pujya Swamiji is a president of Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad and
      a beloved disciple of the most revered H. H. Sri Swami Chidanandaji
      Maharaj. Writing an introduction about Swamiji is extremely difficult
      because words will always fall short of describing him. He is a
      dynamic yogi having a multifaceted, magnetic and versatile
      personality. Swamiji naturally radiates peace, love and divinity. He
      touches the heart of everyone who comes in contact with him. People
      from all walks of life find solace in his holy presence. He utilizes
      each moment of his life to maximum for the good of maximum people. He
      has done immense good to the spiritual seekers all over the world.

      His Guru-Bhakti is unparalleled. Gurudev, for whom he believes he
      exists and to whom he dedicates each breath and each moment of his
      life. His lectures are a spontaneous outpouring of divine wisdom. His
      ability to make the esoteric subject of spirituality simple through a
      perfect blend of humor, melodious singing and down to earth practical
      approach put him in the class all by himself. Swamiji is well known
      for his ability to lead kirtan to the highest ecstasy through his
      melodious voice and supreme devotion. He is embodiment of love purity,
      and truth.

      For more than a quarter of a century, he has been incessantly
      spreading message of Holy Master Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj all
      over the world. "Bear insult and bear injury that is the greatest
      Sadhana," so says Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj. And that our beloved
      Swamiji Maharaj has made the guiding principle for himself.

      Swamiji has conducted more than 600 Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation
      camps all over the world. Spiritual retreats, Meditation, Pranayama
      and Yoga camps are being arranged all across the USA for the benefit
      of spiritual seekers. Please involve yourself actively in organizing
      the programs so that the maximum number of people can benefit from his
      holy presence. For the details schedule of the Programs....... .

      Programs Schedule of
      H. H. Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj
      upcoming Visit (Aug 30, 2004 - Dec 12, 2004)

      August 30, 2004 Sept 3, 2004

      Sri Krishnedat Manniesing
      31 20 6649442

      Sept 4 , 2004 Sept 5, 2004

      Smt. Minal Bharat Naik

      Sept 5, 2004 Sept 8, 2004

      Sri.Dineshbhai Patel
      Smt. Mina Patel

      Sept 9, 2004 Sept 14, 2004

      Smt Meera Lal
      Sri Anil Lal
      (248) 528-1411

      Sept 14, 2004 Sept 21, 2004

      Sri.Bharat Taylor
      Sri.Kamlesh Dave
      Smt.Manjari Bhatt

      Sept 21, 2004 Sept 25, 2004

      Sri Anant Dixit(Shashtriji)
      (419) 843-1672
      Sri Rajesh Laungani
      Smt. Bindu Mystry

      New Jersey
      Sept 25, 2004 Sept 26, 2004 Smt. Jyoti Joshi

      Sept 26, 2004 Oct 3, 2004 Anoopam Mission
      (610) -502- 1100
      Smt. Padma Patel

      New Jersey Oct 3, 2004 Oct 4, 2004 Smt. Jyoti Joshi

      German Town
      Tennessee Oct 4, 2004 Oct 7, 2004 Kusumben Patel


      Oct 7, 2004 Oct 13, 2004 Smt. Gaurangi
      Sri Nikunj Patel
      Sri. Chandrakant Patel
      (813) 340-5505
      Haiti Oct 14, 2004 Nov 3, 2004

      Georgia Nov 3, 2004 Nov 8, 2004 Sri. Prakash Desai

      Nov 8, 2004 Nov 15, 2004

      Smt. Minal Bharat Naik

      N C Nov 15, 2004 Nov 17, 2004

      Sri. Paresh Patel

      Los Angeles
      Nov 17, 2004 Nov 22, 2004

      Sri Vinod Rana

      Corpus Christi
      Nov 22, 2004 Nov 27, 2004

      Sri Narendra Patel
      Sri Govind Nadkarni
      Smt.Vimu Patel

      Nov 28, 2004 Dec 5, 2004

      Anoopam Mission, UK

      Dec 6, 2004 Dec 12, 2004 Chandramani Taylor

      For more information about programs and locations, please refer to: