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  • Sara M. Leiste
    Sep 1, 2004
      I am rather new to meditating. I first did it in high school as a stress
      reliever, have gotten back into it over the last year or so. My question
      is regarding meditation tapes. Pros? Cons? I'd be interested hearing about
      specific tapes, as well as the concept of using tapes in general.

      This came up because my therapist suggested a few mediations. He gave me
      scripts for them, with the idea that I would make a tape for myself. I
      wonder if its better to do that, or if I should read the script a few
      times and then follow the instructions in my head.

      Until now, I have been doing a number of meditations from the book Radical
      Acceptance, and I usually read the instructions and then go at my own pace
      through the meditation.


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