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  • jason morgan
    Aug 30, 2004

      Savikalpa Samadhi


      1.  Kevela Savikalpa Samadhi (forced dual samadhi)


      By whatever sadhana (spiritual discipline) dual samadhi is gotten for short periods.  Maybe by satsang, meditation, vichara, etc.  Effort is taken to get to the effortless state.


      In forced savikalpa samadhi, the vasanas (mental predispositions / thoughts) are stopped by whatever means, and the state of savikalpa samadhi ensues.


      After a period of time, the vasanas start up again, and the same old routine goes on.



      2.  Sahaja Savikalpa Samadhi  (unforced dual samadhi)


      This is what is commonly referred to as the �awakened state� �realized being� etc. etc.


      Here the vasanas are destroyed, and thus the state of savikalpa samadhi goes on spontaneously.  No effort is needed to get to the effortless state, as nothing is there to impede it.


      Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi has described it thus.  Vasanas are like warriors in a fort.  These warriors come out, harass us and then go back in.  By a given sadhana, you can sit outside of this fort, and kill these warriors one by one.  This is done by forced dual samadhi, and stages of sadhana, i.e. vichara.  Once the fort is empty, wahlah.


      Parabdha still manifest, others thoughts arise, but the student remains unaffected.




      It is to be noted that parabdha is active in both forced and unforced savikalpa samadhi.  There are three stages of karma.  Apon sahaja savikalpa samadhi only the third stage remains, parabdha.

      1. Karma not to manifest this life.

      2. Karma still to manifest this life.

      3. Karma already manifest.  (like an arrow already in the air)



      It is to be noted that many people do not have to go thru structured sadhana.  Their vasanas are slight and apon proper instruction, these realize in a trice.  But for the rest of the students, and yes indeed for the rest of the people on earth, sahaja savikalpa samadhi is within reach through proper sadhana. 

      The only things that inhibit savikalpa samadhi are:

      1. Ignorance.  Unfamiliar with the thought free state.

      2. Vasanas.  Inability to stop thoughts.

      3. Grace.  Inability to want the thought free state.


      It is to be noted that you may progress beyond this state, to NIRVIKALPA Samadhi (non-dual samadhi).Yet some are tricked into a belief in the contrary, especially if they did a short sadhana, or were not properly informed.  Some believe that they have attained nirvikalpa samadhi, but they are wrong.  If there was subject and object, if you heard, felt, seen, or experienced anything - it is dual.   States of bliss, do not mean Satchidananda.  It is the difference between tasting sugar, and being sugar.


      It is to be noted that 99 percent of the people who go into nirvikalpa samadhi, die.  The body dehydrates and dies.  As no parabdha remains, those that do come back adopt an ego of devotion and or knowledge, and are thus are called Christ�s or Buddha�s etc.


      It is to be noted that in Sri Ramakrishna�s case his body was force fed for his six month nirvikalpa samadhi.  And that the first three day and then the six month nirvikalpa samadhi was forced, kevela nirvikalpa samadhi.   After that he frequently went into sahaja nirvikalpa samadhi from the sahaja savikalpa samadhi state.


      It is to be noted that very few people who attain the sahaja savikalpa state, are fully versed in scripture.  Very few have a clear conception and connection to both God with and without form.  Very few are smart enough to know that they know nothing.  Very few are students instead of teachers.


      Most westerners believe they are smarter then God.  They say that all sadhanas are a waste of time, because they did not need it.  It is all God, therefore the student and the path he or she walks is god.  The cake tastes sweet from ALL sides.  All paths lead to God.


      It is to be noted that only people that have come back from nirvikalpa samadhi are qualified and sanctioned WORLD teachers.  But in any given path, you can find many guides.  Scripture is written by world teachers.  Books are written by guides.  Hence gather your knowledge from scripture.  Gather your inspiration, insights and pointers from books.


      It is to be noted that in every century there is a world teacher who has come back from nirvikalpa samadhi.  Sri Ramakrishna in the 1800, Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi in the 1900 and ? in the 2000.


      Jason James Morgan


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